Reviews of “On the way”

“Solas and other musical groups have done the traditional Irish folk song “Calling Home the Calves” (Aililiu Na Gamhna), but Lucia Comnes has taken it to a higher level, using her singular voice and two instruments from the Indian subcontinent – bansuri flute and shruti box – to create a goose-bumpy tableau of nature and memory. “Calling Home the Calves” is one of numerous delights on Comnes’ new album, “On the Way,” which takes songs from across borders – including from Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria – and interprets them anew while retaining the original language. The result: a cascade of tunes (plus a jazzy Comnes original) that are otherworldly and embedded with soul and spirit. On many songs, violin merges with accordion, electric bass and other instruments, then is capped by Comnes’ vocalizations, which cross musical chasms. Comnes lives in the Bay Area, but her home is really the world at large.”

Datebook, San Francisco Chronicle, September 14, 2008

“Comnes, a Marin native who sings and plays violin with her own band, comes to the gig with songs from her debut album, ‘On the way,’ a world fusion CD that’s a kind of musical U.N. plenary session, melding Irish melodies, Turkish rhythms, Indian tabla, Bulgarian vocals, Motown grooves, gypsy tunes, West African vibes and American jazz.”

Paul Liberatore, Music Writer for Lifestyles, Marin Independent Journal, October 10, 2008

“Lucia travels the music of the world with her expressive, intelligent, supple voice. It is heartening to hear her sing us her love of that world and all the music that holds us together.”

Rhiannon, Jazz Vocalist, Master Teacher at Berklee College of Music, MA

“On the way by Lucia Comnes is a spirited and elegant musical excursion that sparkles with international gusto. The more I listen the more I appreciate Lucia´s angelic voice, the album’s intricately woven musical passages, the sounds and rhythms from different parts of the world and the array of emotion that comes through the music. Often when I go to a concert and like what I hear, I get a CD and it is usually way over produced. This album is like taking the concert home. Lucia is definitely “on the way” to a long and fulfilling musical career with her first solo album.”

Barbara Borden, Drummer, Performer, Educator

“An impressive recording of very gifted musicians performing music that isn’t heard too often in the Western world. Their musical passion, led by Comnes’ intense studies in ethnomusicology and already wide-ranging globe-trotting… stands out and is easily one of the strongest features of this recording… [Comnes is] a bright new voice in the world music arena.”

Customer review from the iTunes Music Store

“From the luring instrumental rhythm and dissonant vocal passion of “Delyo the Haiduk,” to the ‘river’ of musical sound that is “Water” (with harmonic hints of Basia) to the infectious jubilance of “Gigile” and beyond, On the way captivates you and takes you along for the trip. I am caught by the worldly spell of this music and will continue to enjoy the experience. I have given your CD as gifts and keep thinking of more people to order the CD for.”

Judi Desmond, Customer Review

“I enjoyed both vocal and violin performances, the choice of material with it’s variable global positioning and the mix of the instruments.”

Stephen Kent, Producer of “Music of the World,” KPFA Radio, Berkeley, California

“Awesome CD!”

Mark Abdilla, Guitarist, Performer, Educator

“Very original and dreamy.”

Brad Kava, Radio Soup, San Jose, California

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