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Acoustic Duo Live Video of ‘There Must Be A Reason’ by Lucia Comnes

Innocent Words Magazine – Featured Album Review
By Jeremy Wood – September 1, 2015

“Firstly, it’s rare to find an artist who writes so freely about famine, empty governments and nuclear disasters along with the staples of heartbreak, regret and secret loves. But, with an almost lighthearted accompaniment (featuring some guitar and violin playing that’s OFF THE CHAIN!), Comnes carries these subjects with the bravery of her age…”

“To hear an artist get historical AND political AND devastated by love all on one disc against a nearly flawless background of well-written music is nothing short of impressive…”

“Whereas the music is an optimistic river, her voice is an unstoppable vehicle capturing the often blue meanings of her words. Sweet and salty, all in one bite. It is such a form-fitting pairing that one wonders if her voice is accenting the lyrics or if her lyrics are accenting her voice. As a singer/songwriter in so many genres, her control is as natural as the skills that created it…”

“This album is a giant quilt of mismatched patches sewn beautifully together…”


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Lucia Comnes in Connacht Tribune Galway

Lucia Comnes in Connacht Tribune Galway

Thanks to Galway’s Connacht Tribune for this great coverage! Read the online version here:

Lucia Comnes is an American singer, songwriter, fiddler and guitarist with a ‘singular voice’ (San Francisco Chronicle) whose roots music crosses genres of Americana, Folk, Irish, Bluegrass & Rock.

DELFINA RECORDS hosts an Artist Interview with Lucia Comnes on why she made her new album ‘Love, Hope & Tyranny’, playing with Joan Baez, Paul Brady, Vieux Farka Toure and the T Sisters, playing for 60,000 people at the Oakland Colosseum, being inspired by Madonna, Emmylou Harris and First Aid Kit, winning the Grand Prize in Dallas, Texas, for Best Song and her upcoming recording session in Nashville, Tennessee.

Folk Radio UK – Featured Album Review
By Simon Holland – May 25, 2015

“…With the songwriting competition win and an endorsement from Joan Baez there’s a real sense of upward momentum and just as Lucia is getting set to make her debut in the UK too. But more than that there’s the real sense of a passionate and articulate artist, channelling all of her wide ranging, globe trotting experience into a wonderful record that balances a real sophistication, with an authentic rootsy vibe that proves simply irresistible.”


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